Tres Leche Cakes-A Mexican Tradition

Baking in Mexico is often overlooked but it is a true art form.  While we all know about churros and flans, cakes play a big part in Mexican food culture.
Check out this Tres Leches Cake With Fresh Berries.If you crave for something lighter, Tres leches cake is perfect. Translated into English it indicates “cake of 3 milks”. It is a butter cake that is soaked with 3 different kinds of milk; condensed, vaporized, and whole milk. Because the cake doesn’t normally consist of butter in the milk, it includes a lot of air bubbles. The top of the cake can have fruit such as raspberries to include additional flavor. This cake is common many parts of Latin America. The origin is not certainly understood, however is thought to be between Nicaragua and Mexico, where the cakes were discovered the earliest. Tres leches cakes are fantastic at parties and other unique celebrations.

Mixing Chocolate With Spices

One cake that is popular and simple to make is the Mexican Chocolate Pound cake. What makes this cake a classic is the addition of Mexican chocolate and cinnamon.

As you know, Mexico loves its spices. Chili and jalapenos are in some cases contributed to chocolate cakes. You may think it would taste odd, however it adds an unique flavor. The Mayas used chili with cocoa for several years. One specific cake that has a touch of spice in it is Chocolate Jalapeno cake. Every component is typical to what you would see in other chocolate cake dishes but this particular cake requires finely chopped jalapenos.  The recipes may seem wild but the results are wonderful.

Another popular cake that is made in Mexico is called Rosca. You will have to wait until the holiday to discover it however since it is a cake that is made around December till February. It is made into a circle shape that represents the crown of the 3 kings. The cake is flavored with lemon and orange zest and includes almonds. The top of the cake normally is vibrant with fruits. Inside of the cake is one of 2 miniature statues of the infant Jesus. A celebration that is held on the three kings day includes this cake. Everyone will cut the cake hoping they are not the one who discovers the doll, due to the fact that it they do, they need to make foods for another celebration that is kept in February. The cake can be purchased regional bakeries, or made from house, with the baker putting the dolls in themselves.

The crepes are topped with Cajeta, which is Mexico’s version of caramel sauce. Other toppings can be included if wanted.

Whatever you enjoy in other cakes, you will find in Mexican style ones. To make sure the cake is genuine, acquire real Mexican cocoa and follow the recipe appropriately.