Let’s Bake Some Cookies!

It is no surprise why homemade cookies have become popular. These types of treats offer a healthier option for those who would otherwise avoid them, and they are fun to prepare. Of course, we shouldn’t forget that the cookie recipe itself offers lots of versatility. You can use your creativity to come up with new ideas or improve on an old one. Here are some ways you can spice up your baked goods.

Use Fresh Ingredients For The Best Cookies

Using cookie dough that is freshly made can really give your baked goods a boost. For one thing, freshly baked cookie dough tends to be very rich in flavor. If you’re thinking of trying something new with your recipes, try incorporating sugar instead of flour, which will increase the amount of sweetness. Add a few eggs to the mix as well; the yolks will add a bit of richness that will draw out the flavor in the cookie dough.

If you are not using a particular cookie recipe that you love, consider changing it up by substituting one of the ingredients listed above. Many people are allergic to eggs, so it’s not uncommon for people to want to cut eggs from their baking mixes. Substituting a few other ingredients can make a world of difference, as well. For example, if you like coffee in your coffee-shop cookies, substitute whole coffee grinds for the powdered beverage.

Another great addition to your arsenal when baking cookies is to throw in a good brand of parchment paper. This makes it easier to spread the batter out and shape it into the desired shapes. Baking parchment paper comes in two different types: light and dark. The latter is usually a bit thicker and is better for bakers who are making darker cookies. The thickness of the baking parchment paper affects how long it takes to bake your cookies.

Be Creative When You Are Baking Cookies

If you have a food processor or a food chopper, you can also easily make meringue cookies. Mix the softened butter, sugar, vanilla, and baking soda together in a bowl. Add the wet ingredients and beat them to combine. Then put this into your electric oven and gently beat until the mixture is fully blended.

Lastly, for a nice flavor, add a pinch of some brown sugar syrup to the mix. It doesn’t even have to be anything fancy; just a small bit of sweetener can go a long way. Mix it up well and you will be ready to make cookies in no time.