A Few Interesting Cake Decorating Tips

All of us will have to agree that it is the taste of the cake which lures us to come back for more. However, the first impression on the outlook is what matters most. It is the main factor people would go the extra mile in tasting it and later proceed on commenting on the texture, flavor and others. Here are some of the cake decorating tips which I have found to be interesting and useful.  Baking a wedding cake at home is not something that a lot of people think about doing, but it can be a very rewarding activity.

First of all, spread a generous amount of butter cream on the surface of the cake. Hold the spatula on the icing and rotate your turntable until the top is smooth. Next, take a large amount of icing and cover thickly around the sides of the cake. Rotate your turntable to smooth the sides of the cake. Scrap the excess icing off the spatula.

Then, cover the cake with fondant. Brush the cake with some apricot glaze and roll the fondant to 1/8 inch thick. Gently roll the fondant onto a rolling pin and unroll them onto the sides of the cake. Cut off any excess fondant on the sides of the cake. Smooth the icing all over the cake inclusive of visible creases and make the fondant covered the whole cake.

Wedding Cakes Can Be Any Flavor, Even Chocolate!

After that, smooth the icing with chocolate frosting. If you like thick and firm chocolate ganache, leave it for a few hours after it is made to thicken the icing. Try to smooth it on the cake though it is a little difficult at this consistency. Use a fork to decorate the surface into wave like pattern, basket weave design or any design which looks good on the ganache frosting.

Another tip is that one may keep the icing ‘ring’ at least a half inch from the border, around the cake. You can fill that ring with fruits, nuts or tasty custards. Now you can start your cake decoration using all these tips.  One more important tip-make sure you have the right kitchen utensils!  You will want good spatulas and icing knives to properly decorate your cake.