How To Make A Healthy Cake That Tastes Great


Fast food has taken over the dinner and dessert tables, since it is so easy to let someone else do the cooking and baking for you. The problem is that these fast food options are full of calories, fat, and preservatives, and they just aren’t healthy for you. People should really stop eating so much fast food, and turn to healthier options like… healthy cake!

That’s right, I said “healthy cake.” There truly is such a thing, a cake that can be healthier for you than the pre-made concoction that you pick up from the bakery department of your local grocery store. When you bake the cake yourself, you control what ingredients you use, so you can make it lower in calories, lower in fat, and even lower in refined sugar.  Learning to bake means that you look at all different ways to actually create a recipe, not locking into only one type of baking.

“Wait a minute,” you’re saying, “if I want to eat healthy, I’ve got to cut out cake anyways.” That isn’t always the case, though. If you play your cards right, you can always include sweets in some moderation into any diet, even the famous Weight Watchers diet. After all, you can check the Weight Watchers section of your local grocery store and see their own options for desserts (but these have the same preservatives that are bad for you and we want to avoid!)

Yes, There Are Actually Healthy Cakes

There are recipes galore for healthy cake, including an absolutely scrumptious gingerbread cake made with real molasses, with cream cheese oozing down the sides. Believe it or not, a single serving of this delicious cake will have less than 200 calories and no preservatives, something hard to find in a commercially baked cake! Or, how about a home-baked chocolate lava cake, also with less than 250 calories? Let’s get really crazy, though, and consider adding a healthy dose of almonds to a cherry cake for a cake that is actually nutritional, filled with vitamin E, unsaturated fat, and fiber!

While you might not be able to buy these cakes in the store, the memories you will pass along to your children are worth the time it might take you to bake the cake. The art of baking is, alas, becoming a lost one… but that can change if you include your children in the baking process! As you learn, so do they, and they can then pass along their baking skills to their own children. Teaching your children how to make healthy cake can help them not only be healthier, but to know how to cook healthy.

On a personal note, I always try to replace white sugar with bananas, coconut sugar, saccharin or even add some fresh berries on top of the recipe and leave out the unhealthy sugar completely in my cakes and bakery. Sometimes I even add fresh figs in the recipe to make it sweeter, and I can honestly say, that I don’t miss the white sugar in my life. One of the joys of baking at home is the ability to try different ingredients to make a recipe healthier.

You don’t need to treat yourself to fast food desserts, with these on hand. Many of them can probably be whipped together in less time than it takes you to drive to the fast food joint, wait in the drive through, and then drive home with your reheated-from-frozen, preservative-laden fast food dessert. Healthy cake could be the next fad, so add it to your menu today.