How To Bake A Cake Using the Rubbing-In Method

Most people say that cake making is very challenging, I tend to disagree. This is because cake is one of the easiest dessert or snack to make as long as one has the recipes and ingredients with them. Cake is one of those snacks that people enjoy eating and sharing all the time. They are presented as desserts, snacks or even accompaniment during breakfast or tea time. In some occasion cake happens to be a very important part of it, for example birthdays, wedding, congratulation parties and many other events.

Cakes are made in various flavors, shapes and sizes, and are categorized by the ingredients used. Baking is the process of making cakes bread and pastries using dry heat from the oven. Most people have fun while making and preparing cakes for their families they tend to enjoy doing it at home. Anyone can be able to bake at home as long as they have the correct procedure to prepare and cook it. The method of rubbing-in involves the process where fat is rubbed into the flour until the mixture look like bread crumbs. For our baking we need certain ingredients and a recipe to follow.


a) 200 grams of plain flour

b) 2- 2 ½ level teaspoon of baking powder

c) 100 grams of granulated sugar

d) 100 grams of fat

e) ¼ level teaspoon of salt

f) 1 egg

g) 5 tablespoons of milk

h) Flavoring


• Prepare the baking tin, by greasing it with fat and dredge it with flour, shake off all the excess flour, and if one is using the paper cases do not grease the tin.

• Light the oven up to 180 degrees.

• Sieve together all the dry ingredients (flour and baking powder)

• Rub-in the fat using your finger tips and while lifting the mixture up and down so as to aerate the mixture capturing as much air as possible

• Add the sugar and mix it well.

• Beat the egg and mix it with some milk,

• Create a well at the mixture, pour in the egg and milk solution and mix it to a smooth dropping consistency. Add the milk for the smooth effect to be attained.

• Pour the mixture into the prepared tin and bake till it’s well raised, brown and cooked

• Remove from fire when cooked and let it cool for a minimum of 1 hour.

Cake baking is one of the simplest and anyone can try making a cake at home for their families. Follow the preparation steps correctly and you will not go wrong. Make a happy step by trying to bake today and you will not be disappointed.