Holiday Dessert Tables That Are Beautiful and Affordable

As we approach the holidays, many of us enjoy hosting festive gatherings for our family and friends. The trick is to create events that are unique, beautiful and memorable. One of my favorite things to do to achieve this is to create “White Christmas Dessert Tables”. These are easy to do and can be very affordable.  The holidays are a great time to be baking at home and entertaining.

I prefer to use a six foot rectangular table with a fitted white tablecloth. Most people have folding tables and if you don’t, they are inexpensive to rent, as are fitted white table drapes. I like the symmetry that a rectangular table affords and, unlike a square or round table, you can reach from front to back with ease. I start making my dessert tables by laying out all of the china plates and platters on it and putting labels on each so that I know what dessert will go where. I purchased a set of white china that I use for all of my dessert tables, whatever the theme or color scheme. You can find the perfect inexpensive white china at Target. Try to get items that are all the same shade of white. I have small, medium and large plates and platters, a few small bowls, a cake stand and a few white wooden cubes and risers to give some height to items at the rear of the table that I had my handyman make.

Buy In Bulk And Save Money

I purchase bulk candy online from Oh Nuts or from Candy Warehouse, both of which allow you to order by color. This way, you can go directly to their white section and see all of the white candy options. To bring in the White Christmas element, I like to use tall white branches in a vase on which I hang white snowflake cookies from white satin ribbons. I also order cupcakes, cookies, petit fours, white macaroons and meringues from local bakeries and if it is a really special group, I also add a white multi tiered cake with snowflakes on it. You can bake a cake with white frosting and put the snowflake cookies all around it or make fondant snowflakes; it will add some nice height and acts a great centerpiece for the table. If you want to serve drinks, I suggest using clear glasses and using white paper straws to which you can adhere a white paper snowflake. You can purchase great recycled paper in all colors at and you can get paper straws at Make the snowflakes using a snowflake punch. I found mine at Michael’s. Fill the glasses with sparkling water with a splash of lemonade and pop in the snowflake straws. Fill the various plates, platters and bowls with candy, baked goods and beverages.

Use your imagination to come up with delicious and varied treats and be sure that you have many shapes, sizes, textures and tastes so that the dessert table is very visually appealing. I like to use some sort of backdrop or have a white wall behind the table so that nothing takes away from its crisp, white theme. Have fun and remember, even if mother nature doesn’t bring you a white Christmas, you can create an equally beautiful one on your own!